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Yo soy la Señora Valtier y soy de Guatemala.



 Spanish 1                                                                                                                              

The general objective of Spanish I is to direct, guide and motivate students toward the development of the linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a foreign language. Cultural insights and appreciation are acquired as integral part of the language experience.  
The student is trained to use Spanish sentences used in simple conversations, to read with proper intonation and pronunciation, to write sentences in the language that have been used in basic dialogues, to have knowledge of the basic grammar, to be able to establish a simple conversation using appropriate Spanish-speaking world.
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Spanish 2 Course Description Spanish 2 builds on the foundation of the first year of the language with a preliminary lesson of review and repetition of the basics learned in Spanish 1. Communicative goals introduce each lesson’s learning objectives. Theme-related vocabulary is introduced and followed by controlled practice. The Fotonovela storyline video brings vocabulary to life and previews the structure of the language. Grammatical concepts are presented with charts and diagrams followed by clear, concise explanations and a variety of practice sections for each new grammar point. Students continue to explore culture through short readings and gain perspective through geography as they become more aware of the diversity and unity of the Spanish-speaking world. The Descubre online technology portal supports learning in listening, speaking, reading and writing through interactive vocabulary, grammar tutorials, online practice activities and cultural videos.
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