Mr. Molina's Home Page

My Personal Teaching Philosophy

Education is a life-changing step in a young person’s life and recognized by many studies as the single greatest determiner for success and even the stability of society! I love teaching English because in many ways it is the subject that informs all others. The skills of English, which put simply are reading, writing, listening, and speaking, are invaluable for success in any professional career. In my class I seek to challenge my students’ thinking with difficult concepts and assignments while also engaging their interest through topics that are relevant to their lives and activities that are fun or creative.

The iPad Program

I have heard varying stances on the iPad program and would like to take a moment to encourage support for the bold move recently taken by the administration and faculty. We are increasingly living in a digitally connected world where the worth of individual employees is being measured by their knowledge of technology. Consider how multi-national corporations (Target, Amazon, Apple), workers for government agencies (FBI, the UN, US military), and even charity organizations (Missionaries of Charity, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps) now have the ability to instantly do business, communicate, or provide aid worldwide. These miraculous feats can only be accomplished through the ingenuity of technology and a young adult entering the work force for the first time who is well versed in its function will have a clear advantage. I now tell all my students that in my class we no longer only learn English, we now learn English and how it interacts technology!

The Required Stuff is the primary learning management system I use in my classroom. All assignments, study guides, quizzes/tests, and projects are posted on my class webpages. Students may also email me through their Schoology accounts. Access to these Schoology accounts is given exclusively to students in my class through a password I distribute. Schoology also has a very useful app I require all students to download to their tablets. is the online grading platform for all faculty. All grades are updated and posted here for parents and students to view. Access to TeacherEase is given by the administration upon enrollment. Parents and students may also email teachers through TeacherEase.

My preferred method of communication with parents and students is through my school email. My response time is very quick and I usually reply within one day, if not a few hours!