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My Name is Mr. Merritt

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Tutoring and Assistance Information:

I am available to help students before school (7:00AM), Lunch and after school (Until 4:30PM) as well as by appointment.

Basic Philosophy

I believe that learning should, indeed must, be both informative and exciting. A student should be fully engaged in whatever he or she is learning and the subject should be brought alive to the student in a meaningful and relatable manner. A manner in which he or she sees the relevance of the subject to and in his or her own life here and now.

Current Courses:

Government (Periods 1 and 3)

This Course introduces the student to Government and the Governing Process. It begins by tracing the history of Government and by examining the Fundamentals of Government.

Particular emphasis is placed on the Three Branches of Government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial); their structure, functions and role. Focus is also given to the Constitution; its contents as well as how and why it was written the way that it was.

Economics (Periods 5 and 6)

This Course introduces the student to the Fundamentals of Economics and the Economics Way of thinking. Economics occurs on two levels:  Macro-Economics and Micro-Economics and this course addresses both.

On the Macro-Economic Level the topics consist of those that affect the Economy as a whole, whereas at the Micro-Economic Level the topics are more Industry Specific and Business  Specific.

Statistics (Period 2)

This Course introduces the student to the Fundamentals of Statistics. The student will examine the different Branches of Statistics (Descriptive and Inferential), Populations and Samples, Methods of Sampling and Types of Bias.

Additionally, the student will learn how to construct Hypothesis Testing and how to determine Confidence Intervals. The Interpretation and Analysis of Statistical Data and Results is also included.

Techniques Utilized:


Discussion (Both Large Group and Small Group)


Video Analysis

Current Events

Guest Speakers

Please check back regularly for updates and new information.