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Welcome to Mrs. Kierzek’s Spanish class and congratulations!

You are about to become one of fifty-two million people living in the United States who speak Spanish. Did you know that Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in this country and it is the official language of twenty-two countries as well as an official language of the European Nation and the United Nations? Understanding others and communicating effectively in Spanish in real life situations is our goal. Learning a world language will also enable you to understand and connect with the world around you.

Tips for Learning Spanish

Start with the basics of vocabulary, grammar and culture in order to develop the four language learning skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listen to Spanish radio shows and songs, watch Spanish TV shows and movies, read Spanish-language newspapers, magazines and blogs, pursue language exchange opportunities, connect your learning to everyday experiences and practice, practice, practice! Remember that learning a language takes time!


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